Talos Actor Ben Mendelsohn Thinks That Marvel Losing Spider-Man Would Have Been A Disaster

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Despite the critical and commercial success of Spider-Man: Far From Home, for a while Spidey’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was uncertain. Although discussions seemed amicable between Marvel Studios and Sony, the plan was originally for Spider-Man to revert back to being entirely under Sony’s control, which would have removed Tom Holland’s version of the character from the established MCU. Thankfully, a deal was eventually struck, and Spider-Man will return for a third standalone movie (and Tom Holland’s sixth overall in the universe) on July 16, 2021.

During all of this, the stars of the films spoke out about what was going on: Tom Holland said that the movies going forward would be very different, while Jeremy Renner (who plays Hawkeye) asked for Spider-Man to return. Now another star from the MCU has spoken out about the debacle in amusing fashion.

Ben Mendelsohn, the Australian actor who plays Talos in Captain Marvel (and has a cameo in Spider-Man: Far From Home), spoke with candor about the whole deal with UK site Metro. “I think what happens in these things is, most of the time, cooler heads prevail,” Mendelsohn said. “Sometimes we end up in a situation which feels like it’s going to be the lead up to World War I.” The actor didn’t mince words when talking about how important Spidey is to Marvel. “But s*** man. You can’t lose Spider-Man from the Marvel universe. He’s one of their absolute motherf***ing pornstars. Boy, I could name 30 that you could quite comfortably lose before you start thinking about losing Spider-Man.”

The actor went on to say that he “cannot think of a single character who’s more important to Marvel than Spider-Man,” saying that losing him “would have been a disaster.” He’s clearly a fan.

Ben Mendelsohn can currently be seen in The King on Netflix alongside Timothée Chalamet, Joel Edgerton, and Robert Pattinson.

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