Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Promises More Variety Alongside Android Release

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Teamfight Tactics, an Auto Chess spin-off from League of Legends, is having a huge month. Along with making a full debut on Android, Riot is shaking things up in the next big patch, Galaxies.

Similar to the previous re-haul, Rise of the Elements, Galaxies is replacing everything. The new set will include all-new champions, traits, skins, boards, Little Legends, and whole new mechanics. These changes have been made with the previous sets in mind, as the developers are looking to learn from each change and make every game feel a little bit different.

Each game will take place in a different galaxy and feature a randomized set of rules. These rules can be as small as changing the number of items players can buy initially, up to allowing players to purchase four-star champions on round one. How these small or big changes will affect the gameplay is completely random, with no two games playing out the same way. Players will have to decide how to play based on the rulesets and galaxy boards they are presented with at the start of each game.

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