The 15 Best Marvel Easter Eggs In Disney's Avengers Campus

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Avengers Campus is finally open at the Disneyland Resort’s Disney California Adventure. With a new ride, plenty of character experiences, and a long list of foods to try, it should keep anyone visiting pretty busy for the duration of their stay. For eagle-eyed Marvel fans, though, there’s a whole other layer of immersion thanks to a surprising amount of Easter eggs hidden throughout the land.

Obviously, when it comes to Marvel, you expect hidden references to various corners of the universe. At Avengers Campus, though, everywhere you look there is probably a secret nod to something–and not even just other Marvel characters.

The land is filled with a variety of Easter eggs referencing MCU movies, but also Pixar and Disney movies, as well as retired Disney theme park rides and experiences. There are so many, in fact, that it would be nearly impossible to catalog them all unless you had the land to yourself for months on and to go over every inch with a microscope.

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