The Best Nintendo Switch Capture Cards

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It’s easier than ever to share your favorite gaming moments these days thanks to modern consoles having dedicated gameplay capture functions, but the Nintendo Switch’s hardware isn’t on the same level as Xbox or PlayStation consoles in this field. Whereas grabbing an hour of high-definition footage is easy on Microsoft and Sony’s consoles, that function is limited on the Nintendo Switch and you’re only able to grab the last 30 seconds of footage from your gaming session.

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That’s a problem that can be fixed with a capture card though, and there’s no shortage of them on the market. Which one is best though? We’ve got five options below that are worth looking at so that you can start recording your latest Super Mario World speedruns in gloriously gorgeous detail. Keep in mind that since the Nintendo Switch doesn’t support 4K video, you won’t need a high-end capture card (unless you also want it for PS5 or Xbox Series X). Also, these capture cards are only compatible with the standard Switch and Switch OLED, not the Switch Lite.

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