The Biggest Upcoming Xbox Exclusives

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The Xbox Series X|S is one of the most exciting console generations we’ve seen from Microsoft, combining powerful hardware and ease-of-use through the addition of cloud gaming options and an Xbox Game Pass subscription. Since partway through the Xbox One’s lifespan, Microsoft no longer releases true exclusives for the system–they all come to PC, as well–but the console-exclusive games Microsoft and other third-party companies have in the works are still very impressive, particularly if you’re a fan of genres like first-person shooter, role-playing, and racing. These are the biggest upcoming Xbox exclusives, listed in alphabetical order.

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Obsidian Entertainment had the chance to make its own Fallout game, but it has never had a shot at a fantasy first-person game like The Elder Scrolls. It’s finally getting its shot with Avowed, an RPG set in the world of Eora–first featured in the Pillars of Eternity games. It looks to be very early in development, but seeing as the game is coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC only, it won’t have to compromise in order for it to run properly on last-gen hardware. It’s also far more likely we’ll see it before The Elder Scrolls VI, but more on that in a little bit. Avowed is coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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