The Child's Play Reboot Movie's Director And Producer Reveal Casting Secrets

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When the Child’s Play reboot arrived in theaters in June, it launched a new take on the decades-old horror franchise–and populated it with new faces that could conceivably take it into the future, should a sequel be ordered. Now that the film is available on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital release, the creative ream is digging deeper into the importance of finding a cast that could take on the roles–including that of the murderous Chucky doll–and the difficulties they faced in putting the movie together.

“We wanted to make a movie that was better than it had any right to be as a horror movie,” executive producer Seth Grahame-Smith said in a featurette from the home release. “Part of that is finding really interesting, really talented, and unexpected performers to be in that movie.”

Finding those performers was a dream come true for director Lars Klevberg, who revealed that he was able to cast his first choice for each role. However, he was also well aware of the work cut out for his actors. “The challenging part of making this movie is this movie deals with a lot of nighttime shooting, deals with a lot of horror scenes and sequences and action scenes, deals with a lot of animatronics, and uses a lot of practical effects and special effects,” he explained. “If you have all of those pieces you have to shoot faster and move faster.”

In the end, the team behind Child’s Play seems pleased with what they came up with. Now you can decide for yourself with the film available on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital release. You can take a look at the special features included on the release below.

  • The Making of Child’s Play
  • Bringing Child’s Play’s Chucky to Life
  • Soundtrack Trailer
  • Toy Massacre
  • A.I. Mayhem
  • Gallery

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