The Community Spotlight 2021.02.20

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Hello everyone and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host as we look back at the best user-generated offerings from the last week! This time we have a little bit of everything for the third week of February! Tweets, blogs, threads, and even admirable wiki pages!

Speaking of user-generated goodness, I was recently made aware that I became the most commented blogger on the site. It’s weird to think, and it only took me about thirteen years, but indeed, I am only one of two users on the site with over 10,000 blog comments. Though, @mento has everyone beat when it comes to the number of published blogs on the site by a country mile. Regardless, all hail your new “king,” and if you got that classic Giant Bomb forum reference, then good for you. I mention all of this to encourage each of you to keep the written word alive on the site even if the number of comments or views might be discouraging. To write without commendation is as admirable as writing with commendation and the process of jotting down your thoughts and ideas is so liberating. All this meditative musing aside, let’s jump into the housekeeping.



Brad: The Mega Cartridge (By: @jearum)

As most of you know, the topic of “the worst boxart” came up jearum decided to make a comeback with this truly magical creation! Taking Brad’s “greatest moment” and turning it into a Sega Master System-styled box art!

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What Would It Take To Marry Someone In Every Video Game? (By: @franzlska)

Loving you is easy 'cause it's digital!
Loving you is easy ’cause it’s digital!

Here is a MUST READ blog on the site that a lot of people can enjoy! User FRANZlSKA looked at how marriage works in a handful of MMOs and MMORPGs and shares the different approaches each has with showing your love and devotion!

Mega Archive: Part XXVII: From Puyo Puyo to T2: The Arcade Game +

Indie Game of the Week 207: Glittermitten Grove (By: @mento)

It’s time for another chronological tour of the games that released on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive by Mento! This week they look at all of the games that came out on the platform during the end of 1992! Likewise, finally decided to tackle Glittermitten Grove for their “Indie Game of the Week” blog series! Use the link below to see what they thought of the game and before you ask, yes, they talk about the “twist.”

What’s the Greatest Video Game: Octodad: Dadliest Catch (By: @imunbeatable80)

Again, “spoilers” about Glittermitten Grove if you are not aware of its true “conceit.”

imunbeatable80 has a new blog and this entry is all about Octodad: Dadliest Catch! Use the link below to read why they think the game’s “gimmick” is both its best and worst asset!

10 Years Later Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time Is A Step In The Wrong Direction After The First Two R&CF Games +

Ratchet & Clank : All 4 One Feels Older Than It Is And Isn’t Worth A Playthrough In 2021 +

Ratchet & Clank: Into The Nexus Helped Me Understand What It Is That I Like About This Series (By: @bigsocrates)

Would you be down to play another Ratchet & Clank reboot?
Would you be down to play another Ratchet & Clank reboot?

bigsocrates decided to go back to the old Ratchet & Clank games and uses the 10th anniversary of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time to share why they think it was a massive “step in the wrong direction” for the series. Additionally, they looked at Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One and Into the Nexus!

Why Tabula Rasa Will Always Be Remembered For Me (By: @lionsy)

Lionsy can’t help but feel a little bit nostalgic for Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa after all these years. Check out their blog to read why they think the game could have “worked.”

Opera Omnia Clears A Very Low Bar In Being The Most “Responsible” Gacha Game I Have Ever Seen (By: @zombiepie)

Moderator ZombiePie is up to their old tricks with a new blog sharing their thoughts about a Final Fantasy game! This week, they talk about Dissidia: Final Fantasy Opera Omniaand the ups and downs of its gacha traps!

Discussion Threads

Even By Nintendo Standards $60 For Skyward Sword HD Is Aggressive Pricing (By: @bigsocrates)

Hot Take: The Imprisoned is the worst boss in the history of the franchise.
Hot Take: The Imprisoned is the worst boss in the history of the franchise.

A lot of community members are taking umbrage with Skyward Sword HD’s $60 price tag on the Switch. However, there are also other users who defend the price tag claiming Wii-to-Switch ports are not as easy as they may seem on paper. Where do you stand?

Common Used Phrases: Pulling Or Squeezing The Trigger (By: @sjaak)

It’s another silly debate over semantics! When playing third or first-person shooters do you say “pulling the trigger” or “squeezing the trigger?” Join the debate using the link!

NVIDIA Is Limiting The Hash Rate Of Cards (Well, One Of Them) And Re-launching Mining Cards (By: @rorie)

The odds of anyone actually benefiting from the NVIDIA news still sounds low.
The odds of anyone actually benefiting from the NVIDIA news still sounds low.

What is your reaction to to NVIDIA announcing they are limiting the hash rate of GeForce RTX 3060 GPUs so they’re less desirable to miners and launching an NVIDIA CMP for professional mining?

Mortal Kombat Movie (2021) – Trailer (By: @glots)

It appears they are making a new Mortal Kombat movie and this trailer doesn’t look horrible? Share your impressions of what has been shown and if you are excited to see the full film.

Do You Think The Amount Of Collectibles In Games Is Getting Out Of Hand? (By: @purpleshyguy)

As the title might suggest, with the advent of open-world games and crafting mechanics, is gaming erring towards a return of PS1/N64-era platforming game collectibles? Join the discussion NOW!

Are we heading closer to Donkey Kong 64 than we could have ever imagined?
Are we heading closer to Donkey Kong 64 than we could have ever imagined?

02/17/2021 Nintendo Direct Discussion Thread (By: @mightyduck)

So, how do you “rate” today’s Nintendo Direct? Were you impressed or disappointed by what Nintendo showcased? Regardless how you feel, share your main takeaways with the rest of the community!

Valheim Discussion Thread (By: @jackiechansuncl)

Have any of you checked out the latest “meme game,” Valheim? The internet sensation part aside, do you enjoy the underlying part of the game? What do you make of its low-poly look and aesthetic?

How Do You Define Bowser’s Fury? (By: @bigsocrates)

Good or disappointing? You decide!
Good or disappointing? You decide!

Here’s an interesting discussion that impacts Giant Bomb’s wiki, but how would you “classify” Bowser’s Fury? Is it DLC? An Expansion Pack? Or a legit sequel? Share your thoughts with the rest of the community using the link above!

The Kingdom Hearts Series Is Coming To PC On March 30th (By: @facelessvixen)

What do you make of the PC releases of the Kingdom Hearts games? $230 for all of the games seems like a big “woof,” but are there any of you out there interested in picking up one or two games?

Which Street Fighter Character Has The Biggest “Rule Of Cool” (By: @sombre)

If you don't think Dan is
If you don’t think Dan is “cool” then we can’t be friends.

here’s a fun discussion for Giant Bomb’s FGC! Of the nigh hundreds of characters to grace the Street Fighter franchise, who do you think is the “coolest?” Shard and discuss your pick using the link above!

Which 90’s Game Has The Catchiest Soundtrack In Your Opinion? (By: @gtxforza)

We all are bound to be a little nostalgic about the 90s and its music is no different! Which 90s video game soundtrack or OST do you think is the catchiest? What are your favorite earworm songs from the decade?

User Reviews

Fun story: I Tweeted the-nubster's review of Dandara and the dev team read it and commented they liked it more than reviews from main-stream publications. So... that's cool.
Fun story: I Tweeted the-nubster’s review of Dandara and the dev team read it and commented they liked it more than reviews from main-stream publications. So… that’s cool.
  • @the_nubster‘s Dandara review on Giant Bomb assesses the game’s worth as an “accomplishment in game design” as well as solid indie action platforming game!
  • @phanboy4 was up for some “classic” From Software action and decided to give King’s Field II a shot! Read why they think the game has aged more gracefully than other old From titles!
  • @phanboy4 continues their “classic” PlayStation One video game review series with a look at Legend of Legaia! Give it a read to discover why they think combat holds up miraculously well even if the dialogue and story do not!


Super Mario 3D World

Even Satan enjoys updates on the wiki!
Even Satan enjoys updates on the wiki!

Alright, so, we have some important “updates” on the Giant Bomb wiki. First, Bowser’s Fury will not get its own dedicated wiki page and instead, will be listed as an alternate release of Super Mario 3D World with “Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury” as an alias to the current wiki page.

Legend of Mana

The recently announced remake of Legend of Mana is an HD Remaster and not viewed as warranting its own wiki page. Please describe differences it might have to the original on the current wiki page.

Diablo II: Resurrected

Alternatively, the newly revealed Diablo II Remaster does warrant its own dedicated wiki page. Using current precedent involving how “old” PC expansions work, this remaster is a compilation and therefore gets a page like Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition did.

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