The Dark Pictures–Little Hope Dev Diary Promises An Improved Camera And Explains Influences

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The second installment in The Dark Pictures Anthology, Little Hope, is on its way, and developer Supermassive Games has released a dev diary to explain the game’s influences and how things have changed since the previous game, Man of Medan.

The video features new gameplay footage and is narrated by Pete Samuels, the CEO of Supermassive games and the director of The Dark Pictures. He says that Little Hope has similarities and differences from Man of Medan, explaining that the game will follow a group of five students who become trapped in the abandoned town of Little Hope by a “dense and mysterious fog”.

The game is inspired by the Andover and Salem Witch Trials, as well as movies like The Witch and Blair Witch. Other inspirations cited include Silent Hill (hence the thick fog) and The Omen–in fact, that studio where the game is being worked on is apparently within walking distance of the cathedral used for Richard Donner’s 1976 film.

The video gets into how the in-game costumes were designed, and explains some of the improvements being made after feedback Man of Medan attracted. You’ll have stronger camera control this time, and a greater range of walk speeds, so you won’t be forced to move very slowly at all times. The controls and interface have been reworked a bit based on feedback, and there will be more context for your interactions with environmental objects.

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