The Dark Pictures–Man Of Medan Follow-Up Little Hope Releases In Summer 2020

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The follow-up to The Dark Pictures – Man of Medan was first glanced after that game’s credits, where we got out first teaser trailer for Little Hope. Now, we have a better idea of when this next episode will arrive, and it won’t be as long a wait as it was for Man of Medan.

Little Hope will release in Summer 2020, effectively meaning that we can expect it sometime between June and August. Bandai Namco also debuted a new trailer, but don’t expect new footage–it’s mostly made up of streamer reactions to Man of Medan (and a celebration of actor Will Poulter’s casting in Little Hope), with the release window announcement buried in the comments below the video.

Little Hope is set in the titular town, which is isolated and abandoned. Four college students, along with their professor, are trapped by an impenetrable fog, and have to escape the “nightmarish visions” that are pursuing them. It’ll be up to the player, alone or with a partner in co-op, to search the town and discover what is happening, how it’s connected to them, and–hopefully–how to escape.

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