The Division 2 Update Coming Wednesday, Check Out The Patch Notes Here

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The Division 2’s latest update for its Warlords of New York expansion will go live on Wednesday, March 25 at approximately 7:30 AM ET / 4:30 AM PT, following a three-hour downtime for server maintenance. The patch notes are already here, however.

The update retunes health and armor values across the board for enemies and allies. This includes a reduction in damage output for all enemies and NPCs, reduced health and armor for elite enemies, and an increase in health and armor for Heroic and Legendary enemies.It also changes Seasonal Manhunts to allow all players to receive progress towards their goals at Normal difficulty or above, regardless of what difficulty was set by the group leader.

The patch increases the drop rate for Coyote’s Mask on higher difficulties. The developers also say that they’re “looking into” giving the item to players who are Season Rank 35 or higher and do not already have it.

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