The Elder Scrolls 6: Everything We Know

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Bethesda unveiled The Elder Scrolls 6 in 2018 with a brief teaser trailer, but information about the highly anticipated sequel has been scarce ever since. Though so little is known about the forthcoming open-world RPG, we’ve compiled everything available from across the internet to prepare you for whenever Bethesda and Microsoft decide to disclose more about the game.

With E3 2021 coming up and Microsoft-Bethesda holding a 90-minute joint presentation on June 13, there’s always the possibility of The Elder Scrolls 6 showing up. Still, the game is reportedly years away from release. So, with that in mind, here’s everything we know so far about The Elder Scrolls 6.

Release Date

The Elder Scrolls 6 does have a release date, and executive producer Todd Howard knows it, but he said it would be “foolish” to announce. Whether or not there is a release date, the game won’t be out for a while. After the initial reveal, ZeniMax Online Studios boss Matt Firor suggested it’s “not coming anytime soon.” Firor also said the game might launch this console generation, further underscoring just how uncertain the release really is.

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