“The Far Edge of Fate” patch released for Final Fantasy XIV – Update of Fate.

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Square Enix have released the latest patch for Final Fantasy XIV called “The Far Edge of Fate” which adds new quests and dungeons along with a host of other game updates.

The update adds both main and side quests that continue the tale of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn after the Warriors of Darkness have been vanquished. A new 24-man Alliance raid, that continues the hunt for Diablos in Dun Scaith and follows up to The Weeping City of Mcach, is also included along with two high level dungeons, at Baelsar’s Wall and the dragons’ sacred ground in Sohm Al, and Containment Bay Z1T9 where players can confront the Demon Zurvan.

Along with these new activities, the patch brings several game updates that add new PvP gear, mounts based on characters from the TV series Garo, housing exteriors, paintings, customisation options and Egi Glamours as well as bringing changes to PvP gameplay, such as synced item levels in duels, and improvements to Party Finder.

Source: God is Geek