The Last Of Us 2 News Roundup: All The New Story And Gameplay Details We Learned

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One of the most highly-anticipated games of 2020 is The Last of Us Part II. Since its announcement in 2016, both Sony and Naughty Dog have kept tight-lipped about its story and how it’ll play, only offering brief looks of how it’s shaping up. However, that veil has once again lifted thanks to a new trailer and preview event that allowed us our first hands-on time with the game.

The latest trailer alluded in more detail to Ellie’s motivations in The Last of Us Part II. There were also glimpses of her relationship with her companion Dina, as well as shots of the infected. However, the biggest reveal was returning protagonist, Joel, who seems like he’ll be helping Ellie through her journey.

While it was great being able to see a little more of the game in action in the new trailer, we actually got to play it. You probably have plenty of questions about Ellie and Joel, how weapon upgrades work, or how companions have improved. We won’t have all the answers until the game releases, but we’ll have some insight to offer in our The Last of Us Part II preview.

With the surge of The Last of Us Part II coverage, a lot of new information is out in the wild, so if you’re here, you’re likely looking to be versed on what exactly is most notable from the big wave of new details. Some of the biggest news can be learned from our impressions video above, but we’ve also collected all the major news stories and placed them in a handy list below, which includes new tidbits making the rounds, as well as the most notable information we were told during a recent interview with The Last of Us Part II co-director Anthony Newman.

If you just want the information in quick-hits, read below for a quick overview of what’s important and, if you want to learn more, you can read each slide’s associated article. By the time you’re done, you’ll be all caught up with everything you need to know about The Last of Us Part II.

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The Last Of Us Part II Is Naughty Dog’s Longest Game

According to director Neil Druckmann, The Last of Us Part II is Naughty Dog’s longest game to date. “We began working on this game over five years ago,” Druckmann wrote in a PlayStation blog post. “What we realized pretty early on is that we were putting together Naughty Dog’s most ambitious and longest game in our 35-year history. To tell this kind of story, the game needed to be massive.”

The Game Spans Two PS4 Discs

The fact that The Last of Us Part II is Naughty Dog’s longest game seems to fits in line with how the game’s physical version spans two PS4 discs. It just might be the only physical PS4 game to actually take up that much data.

It Will Make You Feel Bad About Killing Enemies

The original Last of Us didn’t shy away from making you reflect on your actions. In the sequel, developer Naughty Dog aims to hit that theme even harder. The Last of Us Part II has a new, seemingly small detail that could add a lot of weight to each kill: Every human enemy has a name. And they do not like it when you kill their friends. According to co-director Anthony Newman, this was intentional.

Stealth Is Trickier Thanks To A New Enemy

During GameSpot editor Phil Hornshaw’s time with the game, he noted that he couldn’t just watch enemies for their patrol routes and take them out safely because they’re a lot more reactive. But that’s not the only reason why stealth felt more difficult; the addition of attack dogs made going unnoticed far trickier.

Companions Won’t Break Your Immersion

Enemy AI often ignored Ellie in the first game even when she was right in front of them. While implemented for your convenience, it allowed for plenty of immersion-breaking moments. Co-director Anthony Newman acknowledged these problems is something that the team is fully aware of and are hoping to address with the sequel’s improved companion-AI.

There’s A New Traversal System

One of the major new features of The Last of Us Part II is something that may not be immediately apparent, but will undoubtedly have a big impact on gameplay: a new traversal animation system. Admittedly, this may not sound exciting, but the implications of it certainly do. During our interview with Newman, he highlighted “Motion Matching” as one of the key new additions.

Source: Game Spot Mashup