The Mandalorian: Bill Burr Discusses His Star Wars Character's Boston Accent

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Comedian and actor Bill Burr has a role on the Star War TV show The Mandalorian as Mayfeld, a character who–like Burr himself–speaks with a Boston accent. Some part of the Star Wars community has raised some concerns about this.

Burr defended this character’s Boston accent in an interview with Jimmy Fallon. Burr said people don’t seem to care that Han Solo can communicate with Chewbacca or that C-3PO has an English accent, so it’s not much concern that Mayfeld has a Boston accent.

“What about English? Doesn’t that look weird if you went to a galaxy far, far away and you get off, and somebody’s like, ‘Hey, how’s it going?’ And you totally understand them?” Burr said. “What about the fact that Han Solo is talking to a bigfoot? He’s talking bigfoot, Han Solo’s speaking English. They never break character. How about C-3PO with an English accent, that was OK?”

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