The Most Expensive Xbox Controller In The World Is A Solid Gold Masterpiece

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The Xbox Series X controller checks many requirements for modern console and PC gaming minus one crucial element; it’s not made out of solid gold. Canadian company Expert Casting was hired by Linus Tech Tips to tackle the challenging job of creating a solid gold Xbox Series X controller, which ended up costing the YouTube channel $87,500 for the ostentatious input device.

After creating a mold to pour the 18-karat gold into, plenty of polish, and an eye for detail from Expert Casting’s in-house craftsmen, the end result was a controller that weighed close to a hefty four pounds. You can see the entire process in the two videos below from LTT:

As for how a solid gold Xbox Series X controller actually performs when put to the ultimate test of being used to play video games, LTT CEO Linus Sebastian is currently working on a video that features reactions from him and the rest of his crew as they play with it.

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