The Next Dungeons And Dragons Book Focuses On Horror, Introduces Two New Subclasses

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Dungeons & Dragons is going full-on horror with its next book. Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft arrives on May 18, and will allow DMs to create a story steeped in scares while players can add dark gifts to their characters and choose from two new subclasses.

The 256-page book is the perfect addition to any D&D player who loves horror, but wants to step away from gothic horror–traditionally what D&D has leaned into heavily. However, this new book will feature various types of horror, appeasing many fans of the genre. There is also a 20-page adventure contained within the book titled, “House of Lament.”

Ravenloft will feature various Domains of Dread, some contained within the book, and some that can be created by the DM. For example Strahd is from Barovia, a vampire-infested gothic horror domain. However, that’s not the only type of horror Ravenloft, as it will be “expanding out from there into other Domains of Dread and beyond just gothic horror,” explained Van Richten’s

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