The Office Season 9 Almost Broke Up The Show's Most Important Couple

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Jim and Pam’s relationship on The Office was a sweet element that helped the show blossom. In the show’s final season, the couple faces several challenges as Jim’s new job takes him away from his family in Scranton, and Pam confides in Brian, a camera man who has been filming the in-world documentary about the office.

But while the two work through their difficulties and stick together, the original plan was going to send them down a much rockier road. Collider is reporting that, according to Andy Greene’s new book The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s, Jim and Pam were going to be split up during the season, before eventually reuniting in the finale.

The book says that Jim’s actor John Krasinski had raised the possibility of their characters going through a split to showrunner Greg Daniels before the filming of the final season, but the DNA of this idea goes back much further. One of the show’s writers, Warren Lieberstein, remembers the idea being floated during a meeting around Season 5. “I think Mindy [Kaling] was the first or one of the first champions of it,” he said. “The idea was to introduce some romantic triangle with Jim when they were such soul mates that you had to say, ‘How could she possibly be interested in somebody else?'”

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