The PlayStation Revolution documentary is to premiere at London’s Science Museum – Triangle, Circle, Square, Cross

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The new documentary from the people behind From Bedrooms to Billions ‘The PlayStation Revolution’ is set to be shown on October 25 at the Evolution of Video Games.

The exhibit at London’s Science Museum is hosting a Power Up event where there will be 180 playable consoles covering four decades of the history of video games, and the documentary will be hosted by the makers Anthony and Nicola Caulfield, alongside Chris Kingsley and Jason Kingsley (OBE) the founders and owners of Rebellion, Phil Harrison (should need no introduction), and Jon hare (the founder of Sensible Software).

The event will focus on six key areas from gaming’s history

  • The pioneering arcades of the 1970s
  • The home computing boom of the 1980s
  • The power of 16-bit
  • The infamous console wars between Nintendo and SEGA
  • The birth of PlayStation and mainstream gaming culture
  • Mobile gaming, Virtual Reality and the future

The event is on between 19:30 and 21:30 on October 25, tickets are £5 and can be purchased here.

Source: God is Geek