The Pulse Midnight Black Wireless Headset Won't Match Your PS5, But It Still Looks Cool

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Sony has unveiled a new edition of the PS5’s Pulse 3D wireless headset: Midnight Black. If that sounds familiar, it’s because Midnight Black was also used with the new DualSense colors that launched this summer. Though the Midnight Black headset won’t match your PS5–breaking the perfect symmetry between console, controller, and headset–it will of course match the Midnight Black DualSense (if you’ve picked one of those up). The Pulse 3D Midnight Black edition releases October 22, and it’s available to preorder now for $100.

The arrival of the Pulse 3D Midnight Black edition means that two of the three DualSense color options now have matching headsets. Now we can only hope that PlayStation releases a Cosmic Red Pulse 3D to match the coolest DualSense controller color scheme.

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