The Surge’s new trailer shows off it’s hardcore combat – Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dismember.

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Deck13 has released a new trailer for it’s futuristic action-RPG,The Surge, today which focuses on the game’s combat as a player attempts to survive the CREO facility area.

The trailer emphasises the importance of speed in The Surge’s combat, showing how dodges, blocks, ducks and jumps can be utilised to avoid attacks and gain position on your opponents but each of these drains a chunk of the stamina bar which must be managed. As shown in the previous trailer, both horizontal and vertical attacks can be used to strike and dismember enemies in The Surge, parts of which can then be collected to upgrade your own exo-suit.

Players will also be accompanied by an industrial drone with a variety of functions including shielding, burning, blasting and knocking enemies to the floor.

The Surge releases on May 16 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: God is Geek