The Town of Light will be released on Xbox One this year

Uncategorized Admin 0 have announced that their psychological horror title The Town of Light will be released on Xbox One later this year.

The game, originally only releasing on PC, is a first-person thriller set in the real-life Volterra Psychiatric Asylum.  The asylum was shut down in the late 1970′s by a law from the Italian government which instructed all asylums to close completely and give back patients their civil rights. The game, which is apparently based on extensive research and real facts, will be played through the fictional eyes of Renée, an imaginary 16-year-old girl that suffers from the symptoms of mental illness.

The game will be published via the id@XBOX programme, which allows indie developers to self-publish their games on the platform. “We are really excited to start working with Microsoft in bringing Renee’s story to the Xbox audience. Thanks to the amazing support id@XBOX is giving to us since we enrolled in the program we already working to deliver the best possible experience” said Luca Dalco, creative director of LKA.

“The Town of Light impressed us with the incredible research made to create such a realistic experience and strong narrative. We are really looking forward to bring the game on our platform and extend the offer id@Xbox have available this year” added Agostino Simonetta, id@XBOX regional lead.

The Town of Light is due for release on PC on February 26, and Xbox One sometime this year. You can see the Xbox trailer above.

Source: God is Geek