This Week, Red Dead Online Is All About Bounty Hunters

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This week, Red Dead Online belongs to the Bounty Hunters. All week long, Rockstar will be paying out double RDO$ and double role XP on all bounties, including Legendary and Infamous criminals. Other bonuses and discounts on bounty-related content will also be live all week, and players who haven’t yet unlocked the role will be able to do so at a discount.

As well as the bonus on regular bounties, players who enter a related Free Roam Event like Day of Reckoning or Manhunt will also earn themselves double RDO$ and XP rewards, as well as a bonus offer for 30% off the Bounty Hunter wagon.

Players with bounties on their heads may want to pay them off early this week, as Bounty Hunters will be incentivised to take on player bounties for a bonus tint for the the Guerrero Gun Belt.

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