This Week's GTA Online Update Adds Eight New Stunt Races With $100K Reward For Completion

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For the next week in Grand Theft Auto Online players can earn $100,000 in-game for completing one of the eight new stunt races in the Cunning Stunts event. Players can do their best Evel Knievel impression in one of the eight new races, using motorcycles, cars, and off-road vehicles. All stunt races–new and old–are offering triple RP and money rewards through June 2nd, in addition to the $100,000 one-time reward.

All of the new rewards and stunt race details can be found in a blog post by Rockstar as well as below.

Eight New Stunt Races

The stunts vary both in vehicles and the environment. One of the stunt races, Sun, Sea, and Chicanes, features classic sports cars drifting tight corners as the beauty of nature blurs by. It is a “kind of nauseating blur that’s sure to leave a smile on your face and your dinner on the dashboard.” On the other hand, Bridge Too Far takes place on the La Puerta Freeway and features sports cars flying through flaming hoops.

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