Top NFL Draft Picks Are Playing Madden With Fans This Weekend

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The 2021 NFL Draft is underway, with teams currently selecting players to fill out their roster and become future stars. Some of those new players will also be playing Madden NFL 21 online this weekend, and there’s a chance you’ll be able to play against them in an online match.

Head over to the official EA Madden NFL Twitter account and you’ll see a whole bunch of sponsored posts from new NFL players, including Patriots QB Mac Jones and new Steelers RB Najee Harris. Keep in mind that these players haven’t actually signed with the teams that drafted them yet, but that’s basically always going to happen for first-round selections in the NFL.

The players’ system varied by tweet, possibly to keep both Microsoft and Sony happy but also possibly to accommodate which systems they actually owned. The game doesn’t support cross-play, unlike some other recent sports games such as MLB The Show 21, so if your favorite player is gaming on another console, you won’t be able to play with them.

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