TPCast has announced the first tether-less Vive upgrade – Got no strings.

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The first ever tether-less upgrade kit for HTC’s Vive VR headset has been unveiled today by TPCast, part of HTC’s Vive X accelerator program, at a global shopping festival.

The “Vive tether-less upgrade kit” aims to remove the constraints of HTC’s Vive, allowing users to move freely while playing, but without sacrificing the quality experience of a wired connection. Pre-orders of the kit are currently only available on the chinese Vive website, with no word on whether this will be released worldwide at a later date, but it will cost around £175 with existing Vive customers given order fulfillment priority when initial delivery begins in Q1 2017.

“We are also very proud and supportive of teams that develop great accessories and game changing peripherals to the Vive ecosystem,” said Alvin W. Graylin, China Regional President of Vive, “The fact that this was developed in such a short time, and delivers such high quality is remarkable. It will allow Vive customers worldwide to gain untethered mobility in VR from their existing devices, while satisfying the biggest feature request of potential PC VR customers.”

Source: God is Geek