Twitch Bans "Simp," "Incel," And More In New Harassment Policy Overhaul

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Words like “simp” and “incel” will be banned from Twitch streams and comment sections in a revamped conduct policy that outlines clearer guidelines on what is and isn’t harassment.

In a blog post about the change, Twitch writes that the new rules are going into effect because the company “prioritizes minimizing harm to our users over freedom of expression, and we will limit some expression with the goal of preventing [and] protecting users from … hateful behavior and harassment.” As such, a number of phrases will be banned on the platform.

“Simp,” “incel,” “virgin,” and words that negatively target another person sexually and/or insult another person’s sexual activity are “not allowed under this new policy,” COO Sara Clemens said during a town hall. “We’re also proactivity denying emotes that include the term ‘simp’. We’ve removed [and] recorded them, and we’ll keep doing that once the policy changes.”

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