Twitch Leaks Suggest "Brand Safety Score" May Come To Streaming Platform

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Twitch may add a new feature that gives companies an idea of how brand-friendly a streamer is based on a number of criteria, according to information found in the company’s internal API.

Cybersecurity researched Daylam Tayari dug deep into Twitch’s API (via The Verge) to uncover the Brand Safety Score, a grade given to streamers to inform a brand of that streamer’s content. Think of an ESRB rating or star-grading system a la Lyft and Uber but for streamers.

The Brand Safety Score is calculated by using a number of metrics. This includes the streamer’s age, a rating given by Twitch staff itself, the streamer’s ban history, the relationship the streamer has with Twitch, the streamer’s automod settings, their partnership status, the ESRB rating of the game the streamer is playing, and whether the stream is set to mature.

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