Twitch Offers Music Publishers Tools To Detect Song Usage

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Twitch has struck a deal with the National Music Publishers Association after months of animosity between the music industry and the Amazon-owned streaming giant. As reported by Variety, the arrangement is not a full-on licensing agreement, but instead looks to be the basis for a partnership between Twitch and music publishers.

The announcement states that Twitch has created “a new process that participating music rights holders can opt into to report certain uses of their music, to address when creators inadvertently or incidentally use music in their streams.”

Based on the announcement, it seems like the deal between the NMPA and Twitch will make it easier for music publishers to track down and report streamers who use their music. The deal does not appear to change the rules regarding music usage for streamers immediately, who have had to deal with an onslaught of DMCA takedowns in the past year.

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