Ubisoft+ Subscription Service Gets Rewards Program, UI Overhaul

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Ubisoft+, the company’s subscription service that gets you access to all of its games on PC, now has a new look and a rewards program. A big visual overhaul was rolled out today that adds a program for subscribers that gives subscribers a handful of free in-game items and currency per month.

In the rewards program, Ubisoft gives subscribers the chance to choose between a few in-game items to redeem per month. New subscribers get to choose one out of four items to claim; the longer you’re subscribed, the more rewards you can grab. At two months, you’ll get two rewards; at four months, three rewards; and you’ll get to grab all four items per month once you’ve been subscribed for seven months.

The rewards reset at the end of each month. These items are permanent unlocks, meaning you won’t lose them if your subscription lapses. This month, you can choose between the following items:

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