UK Film Students Receive Surprise Masterclass From The Social Network Director David Fincher

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to force people to self-isolate, students across the world have been impacted as classes move online and practicals become impossible. But 450 students at the National Film and Television School in the UK are likely feeling a bit better about their situation now after a surprise masterclass from David Fincher.

Fincher, whose directorial credits include The Social Network, Fight Club, and (my personal favorite) Zodiac, made a surprise appearance over Zoom, Indiewire reports. The Masterclass was conducted through Zoom, and since Fincher tends to shy away from interviews and press appearances, it offered some rare insight into his processes.

Unfortunately, the class he gave is unlikely to appear online anytime soon, but it would have been a nice surprise for the students.

David Fincher’s next film, Mank, is going to Netflix in 2020. He has not released a movie since 2014’s Gone Girl, but he served as an executive producer and director across both seasons of Mindhunter, also on Netflix.

The future of Mindhunter is currently in doubt, with the show’s actors released from their contracts while Fincher pursues other projects.

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