Umbrella Corps reveals new map and enemy type

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Capcom has revealed a brand new Antarctic Base map and “Mutated Zombie” enemy type for its upcoming online zombie blaster, Umbrella Corps.

The map will be based on the Antarctic Base area, within the Umbrella research facility, destroyed during the events of Resident Evil Code: Veronica. Having never been restored, the base offers a vertically expansive map spanning 3 floors with a range of cover points, ladders and vents players can utilise for a tactical advantage.

Meanwhile, the new “Mutated Zombies” will appear in advanced states of mutation and will be harder to defeat than standard walkers. These blood thirsty enemies will also be immune to the Zombie Jammer and can pass this effect on to other creatures near the player.

Umbrella corps is a competitive online, third person shooter set in the Resident Evil universe, launching for PS4 and PC on June 21 for £24.99.


Source: God is Geek