Valorant Episode 2 Patch Notes: Adds Yoru, Buffs Brimstone, And More

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Valorant’s much-anticipated Episode 2 update is now live, and it introduces a number of major shifts to the game. These changes range from general game balance to Valorant’s competitive mode, as well as the obvious addition of a new Agent to the mix.

The new Agent Yoru is perhaps the most exciting development that Episode 2 brings. Though he fits into the role of a Duelist, his kit is designed to support a stealthy playstyle that is unique among the game’s existing characters. He can use his abilities to mislead his opponents with fake footsteps, teleport backward or forward, or go entirely invisible with his ultimate ability.

The Episode 2 update also introduces many changes to Valorant’s ranked competitive modes, including revamped regional leaderboards, a rank system that better communicates your relative placement within your rank, and the introduction of a solo/duo premade cap for top-tier players.

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