Valve Is Reportedly Making A Steam Handheld PC That Sounds Like A Nintendo Switch

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Valve is apparently getting back in the “Steam console” business. According to data mined from Steam files and independent reporting, the company is in the process of building a handheld gaming PC to run Steam games–and it seems like it’ll be quite similar to a Nintendo Switch.

The rumor of the Steam handheld was originally posted on Steam Database’s Twitter account, which stated that hints were hidden in the latest Steam client beta update. Later, Ars Technica reported that it was able to independently confirm many of the details of the handheld, which may be called the SteamPal. Although that name is based on Steam DB’s review of the client files, it has not been confirmed.

Steam's logo.
Steam’s logo.

The console will literally be a miniaturized PC ergonomically designed to hold in your hands like a Nintendo Switch, and it’ll run a version of Linux. It will have gamepad controls and a touchscreen, much like the Switch (but without removable controllers). The SteamPal’s comparisons to the Switch don’t stop at its form factor: It will also allow you to connect to a larger screen via a USB-C port.

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