WandaVision's First Two Episodes Now Have Titles On Disney+

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When WandaVision hit Disney+ on Friday with a double feature of the first two episodes, the episodes were titled with simple episode numbers. Now, though, the episodes have proper titles in place.

Different shows handle their episode catalog differently. Shows like Big Bang Theory and Friends each have their own title formats like “The One With Chandler in a Box” that give you a clue about what’ll happen in the episode. Other shows will simply call their episodes things like “Chapter 1” or “Part 1” to keep it simple and mysterious.

That’s how WandaVision started, but now the episodes have TV-inspired titles to back up the aesthetic TV kitsch going on in each one. The first episode is now titled “Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience.” And it was, indeed, filmed before a live studio audience, as confirmed by one of the WandaVision featurettes. The second episode is titled “Don’t Touch That Dial.”

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