Watch Dogs Legion Update 2.40 Fixes Xbox Save Issue And Adds New Permadeath Option

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Watch Dogs: Legion will receive Title Update 2.40 on December 10, and it’ll come with numerous fixes and a few additions. The big change, for Xbox owners, is a fix coming for a save issue. Some players on Xbox Series X/S have had issues getting their games to save, which the patch will address.

Another major change coming for all systems is the option to “retire” Prestige Operatives, meaning that you can, essentially, make them work under permadeath rules. This was previously only possible in permadeath playthroughs, but now it sounds like you’ll be able to activate this option in any playthrough.

Prestige Operatives are offered as paid DLC, so it might be important to some players to be able to protect them for an entire run to get their money’s worth. If you opt to let them “retire”, though, they’ll join your team again immediately if you start a new game. This will give these unique characters some higher stakes, and possibly prevent players from relying on them too heavily.

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