Watch The Division Livestream for Update 1.2 Right Here Later Today

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Ubisoft will air a “Special Report” broadcast for The Division‘s soon-to-launch 1.2 update later today, and you can watch it right here in this post through the Twitch embed below. The event begins at 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST.

Ubisoft has not said exactly what to expect, but it’s likely the broadcast will cover the update’s new content, including the next Incursion, Clear Sky. It’s also possible Ubisoft will talk about the new Hijack features that allows players to cut an extraction rope, which will spill all of the loot on the ground.

The Conflict update also adds “high-value targets,” which you’ll learn about from your base of operations.

“The HVT officer inside your base of operations will provide you with a list of these targets, along with a description, their level, and the recommended gear score you need to engage them,” Ubisoft explained. “You’ll have a limited amount of time and only one chance to take down these targets.”

Conflict comes to The Division through update 1.2, and is scheduled to come out on all platforms on May 24. In addition to the content mentioned above, it will add “significant improvements” for how the game’s loot system works. Specifically, the quantity and quality of end-game rewards will be tweaked.

The Division launched in March and broke sales records. It hasn’t been completely smooth sailing, however, as the game has faced a number of bugs and glitches, many of which have been fixed. The developer has pledged to continue to improve the player experience in the future. You can read this post to find out some of the ways the developer is tackling cheating and exploits specifically.

You can see an overview of the content included with The Division’s Conflict update in the image below.

Check back later today to watch the broadcast; we’ll update this post with the key takeaways.

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