We Played 16 Hours Of Cyberpunk 2077 – And The Best Part Was The People

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Well, I accidentally got everyone killed. My bad.

I’d just played through a portion of Cyberpunk 2077‘s story, one that I’d first seen as a hands-off demo at E3 2019 and then later played during a brief hands-on session. The mission has Cyberpunk’s protagonist, V, take on a mercenary job with the Voodoo Boys, a gang known for their special aptitude at hacking. After fighting through a hideout filled with members of another gang, the steroid-and cybernetics-loving Animals, I knew how the mission would shake out. The Animals were protecting an agent of Netwatch–basically, internet cops–and the Voodoo Boys wanted him eliminated. From my past playthrough, I knew the Voodoo Boys had every intention of betraying me once the job was done.

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