What To Expect From E3 2021: Games, Delays, And Surprises

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It’s officially June, and that means E3 is almost upon us. The show has been in a state of flux for years, and last year’s, in particular, was completely upended by COVID-19. With things still not fully back to normal on that front–and publishers perhaps beginning to favor new strategies for publicizing their games–E3 2021 will again look quite different than what you’ve likely become accustomed to in years past. We nonetheless have some idea of what to expect, even if the list of confirmed events and games is remarkably light at this point.

To some degree, E3 2021 will resemble what last year’s gaming events smorgasbord looked like. It’ll be all-digital, with a number of publishers hosting their own showcase events–although the E3 press conference schedule remains very much up in the air. Less than two weeks out from the show, there are still many question marks about who will be having showcases (Square Enix? Will Sony do something of its own?). But we do know that the first big day will be Saturday, June 12, which will feature Ubisoft Forward, followed by Xbox and Bethesda’s joint showcase on June 13. It’s actually looking as if the weekend may be the busiest time for press conferences, rather than the more Monday-heavy shows of the past. But again, we’re still awaiting the finalized schedule despite how imminent it all is; we only just got word on the Nintendo Direct less than two weeks before it’s set to take place.

After two years in a row of summer teases for new gaming hardware, this year should be more focused on the games. That’s not to say hardware won’t be showcased–we’re sure to see many games that leverage what the new current-gen consoles are capable of now that it’s in (some) people’s hands, be it ray tracing, faster load times, or new types of experiences. And E3 2021 may be a showcase for another, as-of-yet unannounced piece of hardware in the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro.

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