What’s in Store for Online Gaming in 2017?

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Every year, we eagerly await the big reveals of 2017. From music and movies to anything in the world of technology, a brand new year is always exciting; the future of online gaming is no different.  Wondering where VR takes us or if you can play the same game across several platforms? Don’t be surprised if some of these gaming features become more mainstream in 2017:


Many online gamers say that virtual reality (VR) is a hit or a miss. While some have had nothing but great things to say about the VR headset experience, others are not impressed and think it will be a fad, just like it was back in the 1980’s. Despite your personal experience with VR, it’s not going anywhere for awhile (at least in the next year).

Think of 2016 as kind of the “try it out” year. Sure, there were lots of not-so-great things about VR such as the price of VR headsets and the lack of captivating games, but tech companies are working hard to win over fans. Rumor has it that Windows is trying to come up with a headset, comparable to Oculus Rift and Vive, for a fraction of the cost. It’s best to be patient and see what exciting things come our way.

From Console to Online

The gaming world is a diverse place. There are hardcore gamers who only play on consoles, while there are gamers who only play the best online games, and then there are those who play on numerous platforms, any chance they can get. A huge roadblock, up until this point, for the multi-platform players is that it’s difficult to play the same game on your console and then continue on your smartphone; often times it’s just one or the other. Take FIFA 17, for example. When you buy the game for your gaming console, you are given a free download for your smartphone so you can continue to play; expect to see more of this.

Cross Platform Support

Along the same lines of offering the same game for different platforms, more game companies are creating and allowing for players of different platforms to play together. This advancement should settle the long lived debate between Xbox and PS4 users. Instead of fighting over which is superior, they can all play the same game together.

More Games Created to “Read” Your Emotions

Some games are more intense than others, leaving some players feeling like game developers missed the mark a bit. Many games have so much potential, but often times are missing some human connection. A great video game will draw you in and elicit physical, mental, and emotional responses. Emotion Recognition Software takes a good game and makes it phenomenal, as it “reads” your emotions, such as fear and anxiety, while you are playing. As a result, your gaming experience becomes more personalized and you are more likely to play, enjoy, and invest your time in the game.

With the new year upon us, there are many things “in the works” in the gaming world; some will come to fruition, others will not. It’s safe to say, however, that 2017 will be the year bringing gamers together and elevating the playing experience.


Source: God is Geek