What's New On Shudder In April 2020? Watch All The Jason Voorhees Movies Next Month

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While we all spend our days in isolation, figuring out what to do while the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has altered our routines, streaming services continue to push out new content every month. There are plenty of new movies being release for rent and purchase, but what about all those services you’re already subscribed to? Well, AMC’s horror-themed Shudder just revealed what’s coming in April, and if you’re a Jason Voorhees fan, you’re in luck.

On April 1, Shudder has almost all of the Jason Voorhees movies coming to the service. Every movie in the main Friday the 13th saga is coming your way. If you want to watch Jason on a boat, check out Jason Takes Manhattan. If you want to see Jason get his trademark mask, check out Part 3 of the series. If you want to see someone pretend to be Jason, check out A New Beginning. If you want to see Jason’s mother kill people, check out the original Friday the 13th movie. I only know this much about the series because I’ve written about it many times.

That’s not all you should check out. Beginning on April 2, you can check out Shudder’s new original series, Cursed Films. The docuseries dives deep into Hollywood myth and lore, uncovering curses placed on certain films. Spoiler alert, there are no curses. However, the series does fully document each myth and why it happened.

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