When Does Riders Republic Unlock?

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Ubisoft’s biggest game for the rest of 2021 is Riders Republic, and the extreme sports title is releasing at the end of October. If you’re hankering for high-speed bike racing and other dangerous activities, you’ll want to play as soon as the game is available, and because of the pre-loading feature on modern systems, that’s easy. But when does Riders Republic unlock so you can play it right away? We’ve broken down what we know so far below.

Release Date And Time

Riders Republic releases on October 28. Ubisoft is not yet sharing release or unlock times for the game in specific regions, but several of its recent major releases have launched at midnight local time. We expect this will also be the case with Riders Republic.

Riders Republic will launch across PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Stadia, and it will also be available on the GeForce Now service if you don’t have a powerful rig. Like Far Cry 6 before it, the game unlocks at midnight local time in all regions, meaning depending on your location, you may need to wait a bit longer before you can play it.

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