Where Is Xur Today? Destiny 2 Exotic Location, Armor, Weapon (January 31-February 4)

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The Corridors of Time has collapsed and Destiny 2 has been a bit quieter this week with most people having completed the quest to earn Bastion–except, of course, for a bug that nearly broke the game. An issue introduced with Update 2.7.1 caused players currencies and upgrade materials to evaporate, and to fix it, Bungie had to roll back the game to before the update, which is something it’s never had to do before.

But that’s all solved now, and you can go about your weekend business as usual: visiting Xur and buying new Exotics. Here’s where to find him and what he’s selling.

Xur Location

Xur is located on Io in the Giant’s Scar area this weekend. His Exotic weapon this week is Fighting Lion. Hunters can get the Lucky Pants leg armor; Titans get a chance at the Peregrine Grieves leg armor; and for Warlocks, there’s the Starfire Protocol chest armor.

Source: Game Spot Mashup