Why Finding A PS5 And Xbox Series X Is So Hard–And Is Going To Stay That Way For Now

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It’s no secret that the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S have been nearly impossible to find over the last six months, and many of those looking to jump into the next generation haven’t been able to do so. The consoles are almost never available in retail stores, and online supply has been limited–and often quickly snagged by those who plan to sell it later for a higher price. But just why does the problem seem to be this bad compared to other console launches? Is it the pandemic, massive demand, or something else entirely? We spoke to the experts to get a clearer picture of the problem and when it might be resolved.

The world doesn’t just provide you with chips

According to IDC’s gaming research director, Lewis Ward, low inventory of microprocessors and Intel’s slower transition to the 10nm process for semiconductors (though both new consoles use AMD chips, which were also affected) played a role in supply issues more generally in the tech industry. And for Microsoft and Sony, the targets they set in place for console production were thrown into a “semi-chaotic state” by the pandemic.

“As a general rule, it’s pretty tough to radically change production schedules and related contract terms,” Ward told GameSpot.

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