World Of Warcraft Pacifist Player Reached The New Level Cap By Picking Millions Of Flowers

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As a role-playing game, World of Warcraft features numerous methods for increasing your power within its MMO realms if you’re prepared to engage in some violence to do so. One player has instead adopted a more pacifistic approach to reaching the level cap in the new Shadowlands expansion.

Doubleagent, who plays as a Pandaren monk, managed to reach level 60 without leaving the starting zone of the Wandering Isle that is meant for players who are below level 10.

Leaving that zone would have forced Doubleagent to pick a side, either The Alliance or the Horde, and thus become an accomplice in a faction that was responsible for the deaths of millions. Sticking to his pacifism, Doubleagent instead earned experience points by picking flowers for hours on end.

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