World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Patch Notes For 9.0.5: Adds Valor Points, Rebalances Classes

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World of Warcraft’s latest patch drops very soon, and it introduces a litany of small changes that will definitely make a difference to your average player. Though this isn’t the major Chains of Domination update that was announced back in February, it does tackle a significant issue that players have been reporting with Shadowlands: an inability to progress through its endgame without participating in PvP, or other content that they might not enjoy as solo players.

In order to alleviate this persistent issue, Patch 9.0.5 reintroduces Valor Points, a currency that players can use to upgrade Mythic+ gear. Though the Valor Points system is still in early stages, it’s essentially a currency that players earn when they complete Mythic+ dungeons that they can spend to augment their existing gear, for those times when you don’t quite get the drop you wanted from the dungeon. Rare and epic Covenant Callings also award players with Valor.

In terms of other changes, the patch brings minor shifts to many aspects of the game, particularly individual classes. These changes are quite detailed, so if you’re looking to learn how your preferred class has been changed, it’s probably best to scroll down to the patch notes below. The patch also adjusts Covenant companions to make them slightly more effective in combat.

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