WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic Launch Times And Changes To Know

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World of Warcraft Classic players have conquered every challenge that awaited them in Azeroth with record speed, but now new challenges await through the Dark Portal as part of the game’s The Burning Crusade expansion, which launches later today, June 1.

The exact time of the Dark Portal’s opening depends on which time zone you are in, which Blizzard has broken down below.

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WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic Release Times

  • 3 PM PDT
  • 6 PM EDT
  • 11 PM BST
  • 8 AM AEST

The launch of Burning Crusade Classic follows a shortened pre-patch period where players were able to level new race and class combinations like Blood Elf paladins and Draenei shamans, while also experimenting with new abilities and talents across each of the game’s nine classes. Players also had to choose whether to move on to the Burning Crusade, or keep their character in what Blizzard is now calling “Classic Era” servers.

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