Xbox and Rare reveal ‘The Quest for the Golden Bananas” – 80k quid

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Xbox and Rare just announced a Quest that can net you some super valuable golden bananas.

The Quest for the Golden Bananas event is a worldwide treasure hunt where you can look for 15 clues to find the final X with the treasure. There are 4 Golden Bananas valued at £20,000 each. This event begins with a riddle that will release at 8 AM GMT on March 19. On March 21 at 9 PM GMT, visit this page to enter your answers. The runner ups get limited edition golden doubloons from Sea of Theives that cost 300 quid each. National Association of Jewellers, Institute of Registered Valuer, based on their Principles of good practice for valuers commented:

“A very unusual commission, something that both Smith and Harris are accustomed to undertaking, given their history in the manufacture of unique pieces, traditional and contemporary art. A Caribbean pirates treasure; gold bananas hand-fabricated from sheet gold, using skills both ancient and modern. Due to this level of craftsmanship involved and the uniqueness of the golden bananas, we expect them to be valued at Facsimile Value of at least £20,000 per banana.”

Read more here. Watch the video below:

Sea of Thieves launches on March 20 on Xbox One and Windows 10. It will be free for a week with purchase of the Xbox One X (Read our review of it here) and will be included with Xbox Game Pass.

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