Xbox March Update Prepares For The Xbox Wireless Headset And Refines Backwards-Compatibility

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The Xbox March Update has begun rolling out, with support for Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Wireless Headset, feature toggles for backwards compatible games, and more.

Headlining the update is new software support for the Xbox Wireless Headset, which is officially launching later this month. The update will enable you to update your headset wirelessly, but also adjust specific features on the accessory. This includes auto-mute sensitivity for the microphone, equalization profiles, bass-boosting options, and more. These updates will be made available through a Windows 10 update if you plan on using the headset on your PC.

Included in the update is more options for your backwards-compatible games, giving you control over the application of Auto-HDR and FPS Boost. Both features are meant to elevate older gaming titles with modern flourishes, but if you’re looking for the unedited experience the March Update will now let you toggle these enhancements on and off for games that support them. You’ll find the options in your console settings menu.

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