Xbox Series X Fridge Sells Out Immediately, Gets Review-Bombed, And Attracts Huge Scalper Markups

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Microsoft’s newest piece of hardware is the Xbox Series X mini-fridge and it went on sale this morning at Target and other retailers around the world. The $100 meme product quickly sold out, got review-bombed, and emerged on auction sites at a huge premium.

Orders opened for the mini-fridge this morning and almost immediately sold out. People who secured the fridge, which can hold 12 cans, celebrated their accomplishment on social media. Many people were not so lucky.

Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg, who has been the main point of contact for all questions and concerns about the mini-fridge, said the product is not a limited-edition release and more stock will be available in early 2022. The instant sell-out was no surprise, either, as Greenberg warned people ahead of time that this would happen.

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