Xbox Series X|S Gets Official Dolby Vision Support

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After being in testing for most of this year, Microsoft has finally released Dolby Vision support to all Xbox Series X and S users today, with over 100 games featuring support at launch.

Dolby Vision is an additional HDR standard developed by Dolby, which aims to provide more metadata information to compatible displays for a more precise image. This includes additional data such as brightness and contrast information for each individual frame of an image, which a display can then interpret to adjust brightness and color dynamically for a richer image. This is drastically better than standard HDR10 when implemented correctly, with HDR10+ being the closest competitor.

That said, not all 100 games that Microsoft announced as compatible today will feature native Dolby Vision support. Many will simply be repackaged to convert their HDR10 implementation inside of a Dolby Vision compatible format, which means the benefits won’t be that noticeable. Microsoft says in its latest blog post that it is working with developers to increase the number of titles that ship with Dolby Vision support natively, stating that Halo Infinite will ship with it later this year.

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